Guided Access

When handing off your iPad, iPhone, iPod, to a student or your child I’m sure you would want them to use a particular app for learning or just to have fun at home. Enabling Guided Access is the way to do just that.
How to turn it on:

  1. Locate and touch the Settings App.

  2. Touch General.

  3. Swipe up to you get to the bottom of the screen and touch Accessibility.

  4. Locate Guided Access and turn it on.

  5. Set a 4 digit pin.
Next time you hand your device to your student in your class or your child at home do this.
  1. Triple-Click the Home button.
  2. Press Options (bottom left)
  3. Touch- allows you to block areas in an app.
  4. Motion- means you can allow/disallow your device to rotate.
  5. Press Done.
  6. Press Start (top right)
  7. The app is now locked.
To unlock the app:
  1. Triple-Click the Home button.
  2. Type your 4 digit pin.
  3. Press End (top left).
Settings App
Home Button
Guided Access Menu