Orienting Your SMART Board

Have you ever walked into a room with a SMART Board and noticed that every time you touch the board it’s a bit or way off. This is a sign you need to orient your board and it is super easy to do.

1. To orient the SMART board, press and hold the On-Screen keyboard and right mouse buttons at the same time until the screen changes. 

2.  Begin the orientation process by touching firmly on the cross in the blinking diamond shapes one by one until you have done all 9. It was recommended in one of my certification sessions to use the actual pen instead of your finger when it comes to touching the shapes  but what ever works for you, do it.

After doing so, your SMART Interactive White Board is now oriented and whenever you touch the board it should recognize exactly where you touched it. 

Note: If your SMART Board projector is slightly moved (kid touched it whatever) or if your board is a mobile board or mounted on dry wall; you may need to orient the board more often.