iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Every time I’m on my iPhone or iPad there are certain phrases, usernames, and words that I typically use but am annoyed to type it on the onscreen keyboard. Here is a quick tip on how to add shortcuts so that you only need to type a few letters and your devices will auto-fill it for you.


1. Tap your Settings app
2. Tap General.
3. Scroll down and tap Keyboard.
4. Scroll down and tap Shortcuts.
5. Tap the Plus button on the top right.
6. Phrase: type the username or phrase.
7. Shortcut: type a couple letters or word for your phrase shortcut.
8. Tap the Save button.


Done! Now the next time you are typing an email, texting, searching online, or whatever you’ll have a quick shortcut to auto-fill for you. I highly recommend this for any user. Click here to download the Google Doc direction.