SMART Notebook: Lesson Activity Toolkit

If you are an educator with a SMART Board in your classroom and use Notebook 11 from time to time, you may want to start looking into using the Lesson Activity Toolkit located in the Gallery tab. 

SMART describes the Lesson Activity Toolkit as a collection of customized tools and templates, including activities, games, and graphics, that you can use to create professional-looking, interactive and engaging lessons. Building blocks if you will, in order to create your lesson file. 

Click here for a SMART’s Quick Reference Guide.

Click here to watch a great video by SMART about the Lesson Activity Toolkit.



Classroom Integration: all educators who have SMART Boards in their building can benefit from using the Lesson Activity Toolkit. There are several easy templates to use for in class lesson activities, centers, presentations, discussions, etc. The best thing is that you can customize and save as many of these as you’d like for your class as well as share them with you school.