Shortcuts for Google: Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension Shortcuts for Google allows you to add and display all Google services within 1 space saving button. Choose from 160+ Google services such as Gmail, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. 

Click here to get it from Google’s Web Store.
Classroom Integration: Any schools use Google Chrome as a web browser and/or using Google Chromebooks could benefit with using Shortcuts for Google. Here are ways using this extension can help you and your students.
  • Consolidate all the Google services you want your students to use all in 1 button.
  • Teach students organization and customization of their web browsing experience.
  • Teachers can be better organized with an all in 1 button on their browser.
  • Only add the services you want your students to use for your class.
  • In an all in 1 button staff as well as students will not get lost in the clutter of numerous extensions.