i Speech Select and Speak Extension

Select and Speak Google Chrome extension by i Speech is really good for assisted technology for anyone who needs text on the web read to them. For educators familiar with products such as Read & Write Gold, Select and Speak is a free and accessible extension for students at school as well as at home. 

Click Here to download.

Classroom Integration: Select and Speak can be used by anyone: teachers, students, parents with Google Chrome web browser and/or a Chromebook. Here are a few ways it can be integrated in your classroom.
  • Students can use it to read text with web pages for research.
  • Students can use it to read text within a Google Drive App (Docs, Sheets, Presentation).
  • Students can use it to read text to a group of students within a center.
  • Students can access it from home for assisting them in read at home.
  • Anyone can use it to help promote literacy.
  • Accommodation for students with IEP’s.