Screencasting with Screenr

If you ever wanted to create a digital recording from your computer screen (with or without audio narration) this is called screencasting. There are several free & paid resources you can use. This post is all about Screenr . 


Screenr has a Pro Edition (paid) and a free edition to use. I have used the free version and it does not disappoint. With Screenr you can create a Screenr account or sign in  using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account. 
  1. After you sign in and you want to do a screencast just press the Launch Screen Recorder Now button or the Record button. 
  2. Next you (allow java to run).
  3. You’ll get a prompt on How to Record that will look like the image below. This also are the 3 step directions on how to record.
  4. After recording you’ll get a URL of the screencast or you can upload the video to YouTube.
Classroom Integration: I see a lot of opportunities for admins, teachers, and students to use screencasting. If you are at a school that has a 1 to 1 laptop or Chromebooks you might even more-so want to start thinking about screencast integration. 
Here are a few to think about.
  • Teachers can create demonstrations on how to access websites or web 2.0 apps.
  • Teachers can use it to demonstrate how to use a computer program.
  • If you are absent, you can create a series of screencasts to post to your website for the substitute to play for the students in you absence. 
  • Students can create screencasts demonstrating how they researched or did a project (I Do, We Do, You Do concept).
  • Teachers or Administrators can create a screencast for a professional development session for the staff. 


Other Screencast Resources (free/paid) if you want to explore your options.
  • Screencastomatic
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Jing
  • Snagit
  • Adobe Captivate