Math and Excel

Microsoft Office support has a great section on their website full of short training videos. Here is a great one I found for using Math in Excel 2010. Just a quick FYI, Office 2010 or 13 are very similar in layout and this particular video should help you regardless what version you are using. The video will cover basic functions, formulas, and basic commands.   

Click Here to view this resource.
Classroom Integration: Microsoft Excel is the most common and useful application when it comes to using spreadsheets. Staff or students would benefit in knowing some aspects of Excel, here are a few reasons why.
  • Administrators and teachers will be knowledgeable and efficient when it comes to data.
  • Teachers can use Excel to teach math to their students in a differentiated way.
  • Teachers can use Excel to teach organization, sorting, and charting to students.
  • Students can learn from a younger age database organization and analysis.