Quick Access Toolbar

In any Microsoft Office application, you’ll see on the very top of the screen a thin toolbar section called the Quick Access Toolbar. Here you can add quick shortcuts such as: New, Open, Print, Spell check  Insert Picture, Screenshot, and many many more! 

If you want to save a tremendous amount of time in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Access start thinking about adding typical tools you use into the Quick Access Toolbar. 

Click Here to view  a short video by Microsoft on how to do so.
This demo video is done in Excel but you can do this same thing in any Office program.

Classroom Integration: Using the Quick Access toolbar has a lot of benefits for everyone (administrators, teachers,and students). Everyone can benefit with have typical shortcuts accessible without having to search for them. Here are a few ways this will help you:
  • Think about how you add bookmarks/favorites on the internet. You don’t Google the same websites all the time you bookmark them. This is the same idea but with your Office programs.
  • Efficient! Everyone can be more efficient with their time by adding tools you commonly use. 
  • Teachers teach your students to customize their toolbar for particular lessons. This teaches the kids to know more about using multiple tools as well as learning how to customize their toolbar.
  • When it comes to making resource documents; you can save yourself time and always have a reminder of the tools you use on the quick access toolbar.