Search by Image Google Chrome Extension

Found a picture online and want to know more about it? 
Try using Search by Image (by Google) Chrome extension. This extension is a great way to  initiate a Google search by using only an image you find on the internet. 
  1. Right-click or Ctrl Click on any image online.
  2. Click on Search Google with this image.
  3. You’ll be re-directed to a Google Search based on the image. 
Click Here to get it.
Classroom Integration: whether you are researching as an educator or student, it’s always helpful to learn new ways to search online. Here are a few ways you can use this extension in the classroom.
  • Post several images online or direct students to images online and have them use this extension to find the answers to your image questions.
  • Model this extension with students to display a differentiated way to search online.
  • Students who have questions on what they are seeing online, can now be empowered to find the answer themselves.
  • Teachers who stumble upon an image within their research can now learn more about it.