Emailing More Than One Image on iOS Device

Over time I have noticed from a vast amount of users who have iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) that they are unaware on how to email more than one image in 1 email. Here are a few steps on how to do so (this is for iOS 6).

  1. Open your Photos app.
  2. Touch Camera Roll or another album.
  3. Press the Edit button (top right).
  4. Touch the pictures you want to email. 
  5. Press the Share button on the bottom left. 
  6. Press the Mail button.
  7. Send your email. 
Steps 3 – 5
Step 6


Classroom Integration: If you use an iOS device in class (iPads or iPods) or you have an iPhone and want to multiple images, know this simple technique should be helpful. Here are a few ways:
  • Email classroom/school events to building admins.
  • Email event pictures to parents.
  • Have students (if your school allows it) email you images for a classroom project.
  • Have students send you images for a digital photography unit.