Sharing in Google Drive

One of the many useful aspects of Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Presentations, etc.) is sharing. For example, when working on a Google Doc you can share it to colleagues, students, friends, or to the general public.

Here are your options when it comes to sharing a Google Drive file: 

If you are using a Google Apps for Education account you will see two additional options
  • Your School or District (People at your school can find and access)
  • Your School or District with the Link (People at your school who have the link can access)


How do you share a file? 

1. Within the file itself, click on the blue Share button (top right of screen).

2. Choose how you want to share your file.
  • Private (default)
  • Anyone with the Link can View
  • Your School (District) Domain
  • Your School (District) Domain with a Link
  • Public
    • Or share a link to a social network (Twitter, Facebook, Google +)

Invite People

  • By doing this you can give rights to individual people or groups to allow them to view and/or edit your Google Drive file. 

3. Press the Done button. 
If you’d like you can share a folder containing several files to anyone. To do so, follow these steps.
1. Check the box next to the folder that you want to share or right-click on the folder. 
2. Press the button that looks like a person with a + next to it.
3. Follow my previously listed steps.
Classroom Integration: If you are a Google Apps for Ed school  or you want to incorporate Google Docs in your classroom, you will find have a good knowledge about sharing will be a huge benefit. Here are a few ways it will.
  • Share a Folder with student activity templates. 
  • Share a Google Doc file for letters home about events.
  • Start sharing newsletters to send home.
  • Have students share files to you or your students.
  • Have students share a folder to you of their classwork.
  • Have students share a folder as an e-portfolio of their work.
  • Share files with other teachers on meeting minutes, ideas going forward, or any other collaboration and communication.
  • This list will go on, expect another post on integration ideas.