What is Prezi?


Prezi is a relatively new and very popular presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas. Prezi is cloud-based (i.e. saved and accessible via the internet) presentation software that opens up a new method of how slides are presented through zoomable and engaging transitions.  

  • Choose from pre-made visually pleasing templates with various themes in 2D and 3D!
  • Work online prezi.com or download the Prezi Desktop application (free) and work offline.
  • Have a mobile device? Download the app for your iPod/iPhone or your iPad.
  • Have all your presentations in PowerPoint form? You can import them into Prezi.
Types of Licenses Offered:
Are you a teacher or work for a school?
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Classroom Integration: Regardless of the subject or grade you teach, Prezi is an interesting way to present to your students or have your students present to the class. It’s not linear like a PowerPoint and is so visually pleasing to the eye, students are engaged right away. Here are some ways Prezi can help you in your classroom.

  • Create eye catching presentations with embedded video, imagery, and unique text to motivate students in any subject.
  • Import link-able documents for students to access. 
  • It’s web-based, so you can post the presentations online for anyone to view.
  • You can embed them with a webpage, blog, or whatever. 
  • Sharing! You can share Prezi’s with each other. This is helpful when students are collaborating on a project.
  • Students can differentiate how they present, create portfolios, write papers, etc.
  • Create mind maps of dynamic venn diagrams.
  • Present vocabulary in a unique fashion.
  • Create 21st Century style graphic organizers.