First time I heard the word cloud or cloud computing, it was confusing and advertised horribly. I remember watching Windows 7 commercials “Yay Cloud” and wondering what the heck are they talking about. There was no reference to telling the audience you can save your work via the web and access it anywhere from any computer, tablet, or device. 

That being said, what is cloud? 

Cloud computing is simply I can work online and/or save anything to an online storage drive and access it from any computer, tablet, or device as long as I’m connected to the internet. 

Benefits to the cloud:

  • You don’t have to worry about upgrading your computer’s internal hard drive.
  • No worries about your hard-drive dying (or whatever) and losing all your files.
  • No more worrying about backing up your files or computer.
  • Space doesn’t get taken up on your computer, tablet, or device.
  • You can share files, images, videos, or whatever to anyone at anytime.
  • It’s free for a select amount of space.
  • You can collaborate with anyone online.
  • You are protected and your files are secure, sometimes more than storing it on your computer.
Common Cloud Storage:There are more than this list but I have more experience and trust in these.

If you want to compare all types of cloud drives to see what is right for your click here to view a comparison chart. 
Classroom Integration: a lot of schools are moving towards using cloud based computing. Whether you are a Google Apps for Education school, a 1-1 iPad school, or something else saving and/or working on files in the cloud can only help you and your students and here are a few ways how.
  • Share homework assignments online for students to access. 
  • Students can turn in work to you just by sharing a file or folder to you in the cloud.
  • You can add comments to student work or grade them by accessing their work within the cloud drive. 
  • Cloud storage is time stamped, this will always keep students honest when it comes to turning in work.
  • Cloud storage doesn’t get lost to and from school. Think about missing work, sending letters or flyers home.
  • Cloud computing offers collaboration amongst peers, so students can work together but from anywhere at anytime. 
  • You or your students can share certain files or folders in your drive to students, parents, staff, etc. for whatever reason.
  • If you use Google or Microsoft SkyDrive, you and your students can work on web-based applications such as: word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations and the files are automatically save in the cloud storage.
  • There is much more!!!! Expect more posts on this subject this upcoming Fall!!!