Making the Switch to Word 2013 continues to provide brief and informative instructional videos for anyone who is using Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.). Here is a great video on transitioning from older versions of Word to Word 2013 (most recent). 

What does the video cover:
  • Understanding the interface and ribbon toolbar
  • Easy access to tools and commands
  • How Tabs are used to locate tools/commands
  • New and  improved design elements
  • Understanding the new file format
  • Backstage (Saving, Printing, etc.)
Click here to watch it.
Click here if you want the entire Course PowerPoint provided by Microsoft.

Classroom Integration: Most schools if not all of them utilize Microsoft Office. Over time schools migrate to the newest version of Office and at times, staff and students have trouble making the transition or are unaware of all the cool tools that Word can provide. Here are some ways Word 2013 can help you. 
* First and foremost it’s still Word just upgraded to better help you and your students learn and work. Within this list are a few ideas, I will be adding more content to website on individual tools and specifically how you can use them in your classroom. 
  • Create modern looking documents with using the Designing tab.
  • Faster functionality and more options for you and your students to use.  
  • Utilize the References tab for easily creating MLA or APA formatted papers.
  • Insert Smart Art for organizing thoughts or as graphic organizers.
  • Sign in to your Sky Drive account to save and share documents online.
  •  Much more…