CK-12 Chrome App

The CK-12 Foundation provides a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flash cards, and more for teachers to build curricula and students to learn in Math, Science, and more subjects. 

Even though you can web search for those schools utilizing Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks, or just see the great value in using the Chrome browser, the CK-12 app is great app to have.

Get the CK-12 app at the Chrome Web Store or click here.

Classroom Integration: Over the course of the year you will hear a lot about cool apps for this and that. Sometimes some of the apps are truly helpful and some fizzle out within days. When it comes to multi-resourced apps like CK-12 or even Kahn Academy it’s worth a good look into how these free resources can help build your lessons or reinforce student learning. Here are a few ways to integrate this app in you class.

  • If you are a one-to-one Chromebook school add this app in your Chrome management for students to always have access for student learning in and outside of class.
  • Students can utilize this in a flipped classroom; as a video or text resource to learn from home.
  • Teachers can get ideas, build classroom instruction, or provide additional resources for students.
  • Find cost-effective (free) resources for everyone.