Ways to Receive Shared Google Drive Files

There are three common ways you can view a Google Drive (Document, Presentation, or Spreadsheet, or other) that is shared with you. These are not the only ways to be notified but the most common. 


1. Get notified in your email

  • If someone sends you anything through Google Drive, they have the ability to notify you via email and possibly send a message.
  • People can uncheck the option to notify you via email, in this case you will have to check yourself.


2. Check your Shared with Me section in your Google Drive
  • Sometimes when a file is shared with you, you may not receive an email. In this case, go to your Google Drive and under My Drive click on Shared with me
  • Here you will see all the files and/or folders that are shared with you.
  • You also will be able to see who shared it with you and the shared date. 


3 Click on a shared link someone posted. 
  • In Google Drive, anyone (unless your domain administrator doesn’t allow it) can change the permissions of files and folders. One of the options is Anyone with a Link can Edit or View. 
  • Sometimes people set the visibility permissions like this so they can post a link on their website to share with the general public.
Download Help DocumentClassroom Integration: Sharing is significant when it comes to users who use Google Drive or are a Google Apps for Education school. Here are some ideas on how you can use getting notified in your school.

  • With the busy lives of our staff and students, it’s always smart to leave the box checked to notify people via email when you are sharing. This will give you piece of mind that you have notified others not only in their Drive but also in their email.
  • Documentation! Sharing via email also gives you another way to document correspondence with anyone you wish to keep records on.
  • It is good practice for you and your staff or students to check the shared with me section in your drive periodically to see what has been shared with you by whom and when. 
  • Checking your shared drive gives you a good history of when information is turned in to you or to find documentation of past events.
  • You can post a folder of student work on your school or classroom website by using anyone with a link. 
  • You can post a newsletter, parent letter or any document on your school or classroom website using with a link.
  • If you want to collaborate with anyone (parent, student, community member, etc) in a shared document and they do not use Google Drive, you can share a link with them (posted on a website or email the link). This is not the best way for communication but it still works.