Sharing your Outlook Calendar

Send an Invitation to Share a Calendar:
1. Click on Calendar (bottom left of screen).
2. Right-click on the calendar you want to share.
3. Mouse over Share and choose Share Calendar.
4. Enter the email(s) of who you want to share it with in the To… field.
5. Change the Details to what you want to show (Availability Only, Limited, Full Details).
6. Press Send button

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Calendar Permissions:
7. Click on Calendar (bottom left of screen).
8. Right-click on your shared calendar.
9. Mouse over Share and choose Calendar Permissions.
10. Select the person and choose from the Permission Level drop-down list to be an (owner, editor, author, reviewer, etc.)

11. Press Ok

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Classroom Integration: Sharing your calendar is a great way to keep communication alive in your school. Normally this area is labelled classroom integration but for this purpose I should call it school integration. Here are a few reasons why sharing your Outlook calendar will help your school.

  • This will keep your grade level or content team organized on when you have meetings.
  • Sharing your calendar with teachers, staff, or administration will remove confusion of when you are and are not available.
  • Sharing a calendar where staff can contribute will give everyone an opportunity to organize and plan events, meetings, or school-wide information.
  • Organize and schedule when rooms, computer labs, or technology is checked out for school use.
  • Sharing and/or contributing to a calendar will give everyone reminders of when something is happening instead of one person only.