20 Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Drive


  1. Ctrl + / Displays the keyboard shortcut list in a pop up window.
  2. d Show or hide the details pane.
  3. . Share the selected item(s)
  4. n Rename the current item
  5. z Move the selected item
  6. p show document preview
  7. t opens the settings menu
  8. c opens the create menu
  9. u opens the upload menu
  10. Shift t creates a new document
  11. Shift p creates anew presentation
  12. Shift s creates a new spreadsheet
  13. Shift f creates a new folder
  14. Shift o creates a new form
  15. c opens the create menu
  16. u opens the upload menu
  17. a opens the action menu
  18. / focus the search box
  19. Shift a selects all visible items
  20. Shift n clears all selections
Mac users can replace Ctrl with the Command key (⌘ or ‘Apple’ key)
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Classroom Integration: all users admins, teachers, students can benefit with knowing some of these keyboard shortcuts. Schools that utilize laptops and/or Chromebooks will save time using shortcuts instead of fumbling with their touchpads. Here are a few reasons why this will help you and your students.
  • Efficient: you or your students will save time sharing files, creating file, and accessing files.
  • Less Frustration: you or your students will be less frustrated fumbling around with your mouse or touchpad.
  • Adapting: you or your students might start adapting other new techniques.
  • Feeling like a Pro: it might sound silly, but you or your students will get a sense of feeling tech savvy.