Cookie Monster Attendance

Interactive Whiteboard users always want a fun and efficient way to do their attendance. It has become a great trend of teachers who have a SMART or Promethean boards in their room either create or download a attendance templates. Sometimes those templates are not as visually interesting or tie into your classroom theme. 

For those of you who are SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard teachers and teach young children here is a Cookie Monster template that I made for you to use. The shared link will direct you to the SMART Exchange (great resource for SMART Boards) where you can sign in and download this for free!
Classroom Integration: If your school/district implements Interactive Whiteboards (SMART/Promethean) you are very fortunate and hopefully a happy educator. Interactive Whiteboards are very convenient, a great teaching tool, and if used well (more than an electronic whiteboard) students will be engaged in the lesson. Using a attendance template will help you by
  • Allowing students to be proactive in the attendance process
  • Getting students to feel initially comfortable in using the Interactive Whiteboard
  • Efficient for the teacher get his/her attendance in right away
  • Helpful for a substitute to know who is in attendance
  • If the theme is interesting or applies to what the students will be learning, a good hook or talking point to start a lesson/unit