SMART Facebook Template

Students get excited over the most interesting things. As educators we have to do our best to make our lessons engaging as possible. If that means intertwining students interests, then why not? Social networks are typically an obvious choice when it comes to students interests. 


If you are an educator with a SMART Interactive Whiteboard, I’ve made a template that you can use to introduce a subject within your classroom that portrays the facade of Facebook and has already hyperlinked pages such as timeline, photos, videos, about page.

Click here to view and download the template
Classroom Integration: with the tremendous amounts of work teachers have to do (especially now with new teacher evaluations, CCSS curriculum changes, grading, teaching… quality SMART Notebook templates are a great resource to have. Here are some ways you can use this template right away in your school
  •  Introduce a historical figure, any person, place, or subject.
  • If SMART Notebook is installed on computers students have access to, students can create research presentations.
  • Whole group project where students come up to the SMART Board to participate in adding information to the template.
  • Introduce timelines.
  • Make connections with your subject using Google Image search of YouTube videos.