Flubaroo Script to Grade your Google Form Assessment

  1. First you need to create your assessment in a Google Form.
    1. Click here  for directions on how to create a Google Form.
  2. Click on View live form and take the assessment twice
    1. Fill it out once with the correct answers (use as answer key) and the second time with whatever.

  1. Next you want to click on View Responses button
    1. This will take you to your Google Spreadsheet where your students’ answers will be collected.


  1. Click on Tools and choose Script gallery
  2. Search Flubaroo and click on Install
  3. You’ll be prompted for Authorization, press Continue, then Accept, then close the window.
  4. Click on Flubaroo (to the right of Help) and press Grade Assignment.
flubaroosetup.JPG* flubaroostep2.JPG*
8. Setup the point values for each of your questions, press continue.
9. Select the Submission you want as your answer key.

10. Press View Grades button

11. Your Google Spreadsheet will have two tab worksheets at the bottom
  • Student Submissions: the answers students submitted from your Google Form assessment
  • Grades: the grades coming from the Flubaroo script

12. If you want to ever re-grade your submissions, click on Flubaroo (to the right of Help) and press
Regrade Assignment and follow the same process.

Need directions in a document format, click here

Classroom Integration: using the combination of Google Forms and Flubaroo is a easy and innovative way to create classroom assessments (formal, informal, summative, formative, etc.). Your students can take these assessment from any device at anytime and all  you need to do is run a simple script and you have your grades instantly. Using the combination of both of these can be used for students of all ages and works really well if you are a Google Apps for Education school or district.