Cleanup the Page & Dictate

As schools continue to progress to 1:1 we as educators need to provide meaningful edtech tools to all learners. Researching the web provides wonderful resources for our students as well as cluttered pages with ads, images, and distractions. Here is 1 Chrome Extension & 1 Chrome App that will cleanup the page and allow for the ability to get text to speech… oh yeah without having to signup for another account. 

Readability: provides a better way to read online, turning any web page into a comfortable reading view right in your web browser.
Chrome Speak: select text on the webpage, and chrome speak will dictate it. 
Classroom Integration: having these installed on your students Chrome browsers or if you’re a 1:1, on their Chromebooks, your students will have the ability to
  • research with ease by clearing of the webpage from unnecessary information
  • limit distractions surfing the web
  • dictate any word, sentence, paragraph, page with ease for difficult text or inability for student to read for themselves
  • provide assistive technology to all students who may need it at anytime, anywhere, and for free.