The Audio Class Environment

Whether it’s motivation, enlightenment, research, or plain interesting, educators that are implementing an audio class environment have an engaging or productive edge with their students.

Cloud Casterfree easily accessible podcast website where you can search, listen, and download any podcasts on your Computer/Chromebook/Android Device. Go to the website or download the app Chrome Web Store or Google Play

iTunes Podcastsdiscover hundreds of thousands of free podcasts accessible from your iPod, iPad, iPhone, computer, or Apple TV or create and post your own podcasts.


PodBeangreat website to search and listen to podcasts or create your own podcast station. 


Streamusturns YouTube into a music player you always wanted. It’s a Google Chrome extension that makes streaming audio and making playlists easy and playable through your browser. 

Classroom Integration: Lots of educators incorporate music and the spoken word in their classrooms for numerous reasons. Regardless of teacher intentions, here are some ways incorporating podcasts or music in your class can help your classroom environment

  • Weekly podcasts allow for differentiated content learning
  • Student choice of podcasts to enlighten the class/teacher on their interests
  • Start your day with a current event or technology tip podcast
  • Increase student engagement and multitasking
  • Increase teacher productivity
  • Create an educator or classroom podcast series
  • Great resource for students who need assistive tech