5 Chromebook Tips for Teachers

1. Chrome Menu button 

Here you can find tools for your browser such as settings, extensions, bookmarks, print, sign-in, extension updates, recent tabs, downloads, history, zooming, users, and much more.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to browse online easier and efficient. Here are a few shortcuts that will be beneficial for you.

CTRL+Shift+? opens up the Chromebook help menu. Good and simple descriptions and
instructions about using a Chromebook.

CTRL+F by using the Find option, you can search for keywords or phrases on a webpage.
               Very helpful when trying to find text on a cluttered page.

CTRL+H by using the History option, you can look up anything you or your student have viewed
on the web. The fact that Chrome syncs across any device/computer from anywhere
will allow you/students to be able to find sites that you may have forgotten or allow you
as the teacher to check if students are keeping on task.

CTRL+P brings up the printing menu.

CTRL+Shift+T opens up the last closed tab (Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you
close). Very helpful when you accidentally close a tab or to check on your

CTRL+window switcher key takes a screenshot of the current page.

View more shortcuts

3. Chrome Web Store

Clicking on the Apps List buttonyou can access all your apps including Store where you can visit the Chrome Web Store to install any app or extension for free. 

4. Accessibility

Students who need assistive tech services when using devices will appreciate the options a Chromebook has to offer such as ChromeVox (spoken feedback), high-contrast mode, screen magnifier, automatic clicks, and an on-screen keyboard.  

5. Apps List Search


When clicking the apps list you will see Search, or say “Ok Google”, here you or your students can use search in many different and productive ways. Using search you can type keywords or letters to 

  • Open Apps
  • Search the web
  • Search for a file in Google Drive
  • Search the Chrome Web Store and install an app/extension

You can also access this by pressing the search key 

Bonus +1

New incognito window 

When working hands-on with students, sometimes you need to provide an example from your own account (Google, or any other web app) on the students Chromebook. Sometimes you will have students take over your computer that’s hooked up to the projector for presenting purposes. 

With incognito window, it allows for you to browse privately without any of your history or credentials saving on another person’s Chrome browser. This is a time saver however it should be noted that if your Google Apps domain admin allows this, it would be beneficial for them to allow it for teacher’s and not students.