Hangouts Checklist

When planning your next Hangout, its important to consider the following items in order to achieve a seamless hangout experience. Whether through my own experience or observing other professionals, this list are things to consider next time you or your class participates in a Hangout or Hangout On Air. 

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hangcheckin.pngHangouts Checklist
Create Circles


If you plan on doing a hangout with more than one person, setup a circle of your participants prior to your hangout. This makes it easier to start your hangout especially when you are connecting with many participants.
Test Out


Prior to doing a hangout, test it out to make sure the all parties are comfortable with the process and their are no surprises. Everyones hangout is unique and varies in importance. There’s no harm in be over cautious.


If you are using a mobile device (laptop,Chromebook, tablet, smartphone) you probably are on the move often during the day. When you move around the school/building you are connecting/re-connecting to wireless access points and this can cause conflicts. Restart your device or turn wireless off then on to prevent any connection issue.
Location Location Location


Everything you do should be inevitably tested out in the location you will be participating in the Hangout. Whether its at home, classroom, auditorium, outside, anywhere


Check to see that your device is up-to-date (depends on what you are using). Keep it consistent and use the same device for familiarity and awareness that it works.
App, Extension, or Google+


You can get to Hangouts directly through Google +,  Chrome App, Chrome Extension on a computer/laptop/Chromebook or Google Play, iOS App Store on a tablet/phone. If you are using a computer/laptop/Chromebook make sure you are not running all 3 at the same time.
Hangouts On Air


If you want to take advantage of moderating your Hangout, stream it to a large audience, or save it as a demonstration video example you will want to use Hangouts On Air (available only through G+). One time only, you will have to verify your YouTube account Learn more
Watch out for the Embedded Hangout


If you are posting your Hangout On Air on a Community or Event page, make sure not to start it from that page. What happens is that you will have your Hangout window playing while the On Air streaming Hangout is playing in the background providing an echoing effect.