5 Signs of the Uncomfortable Teacher

As a teacher, technology facilitator, and presenter I understand the significance of making sure everyone in the audience feels comfortable in the learning process. Regardless of the professional development content, teacher comfort level is priority one. If your audience doesn’t feel safe, respected, comfortable and trusting that what you are provided them will positively effect them in their practice and inevitably in student learning…. you are going to be fighting an uphill battle. 
Does this mean everyone needs to have 100% buy-in or will always need to feel comfortable? 
Nope, sorry it’s impossible to due to many factors and as a presenter you never want to patronize your audience, however it is important to scan for signs of discomfort. We cannot take these signs for granted and need to address them with discretion during a time that works best for the teacher and yourself.


This can come in forms of down right overtly obvious voicing their opinion of not knowing much about the subject or do not feel that they can ever learn what’s expected of them (new curriculum, technology, assessment, etc…)


That feeling if I have to do one more thing, change everything I’ve planned one more time, or a program I’m comfortable with is gone and I have to re-learn everything again… I’m going to lose it!

PD Standout (2 Parts)

1 Too Quiet during a professional development illustrating that this teacher is not getting it, doesn’t understand what or why, or feels isolated when the rest of the staff is excited and understands.

2 Too Talkative during a professional development. Is this teacher on the offensive front demonstrating that this teacher understands so much of what’s being learned that they do not need to listen or learn? Possibly, or it could also reveal that this teacher is so uncomfortable with change that they have gave up immediately and will not pay attention or will pull other teachers away from learning to not feel isolated.  

I Don’t Get It! 

Teacher doesn’t understand anything you demonstrated from the get go. Terminology, references, technology, paradigm shift, etc… The teacher either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand leading to a possible contagious opportunity with other friends or fellow teachers.