The Google Sign In Conundrum

The ongoing sign in question continues to arise, whether if teachers are aware or accidentally have someone else signed in on their computer. Here are a few tips to browse easy, safe, and efficient.

I’m a huge advocate of the Google Chrome browser. Ever since the beginning of the internet, I have experienced almost all types (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc) but none of them really compare to Chrome. This post isn’t to boast about how great Chrome is but to share appropriate ways to sign into your Google account.

1. Best way always is to sign in with your Chrome browser (if using GAFE, link you data) this will automatically sign you into all your Google Apps, sync your browser content (apps, extensions, bookmarks, history) without any need to sign out. (top left image) demo video

Note: If you want to access another Google account it’s best to either open a new incognito window and login or you can add another account from the avatar menu. This will give you an efficient way to switch between accounts.

2. If you are not using a Chrome browser, you most likely need to sign into your Google account (top right image). By clicking the blue sign in button you will be signed into the apps connected to this Google account. This method does get slightly messy when users forget to sign out or sign in with additional accounts. The end result is always confusion and frustration because no one is sure who’s account is active or even how to remove themselves.

Overall, my recommendation is option 1 for all users if you are using a computer. If you are a school utilizing Chromebooks as the primary device you shouldn’t need to worry about this. Please note if using a Chromebook and want to switch accounts, the best chance of no account confusion is to sign out of and sign in with the Chromebook (it will only take a few seconds of your time).