Ever since getting Classroom in beta I’ve been very interested in how it will engage the classroom and it would impact teaching. The term LMS (learning management system) has been and will continue to be thrown around but I’ve been told time and again that Google Classroom is not an LMS but a Google Drive workflow. The thing is… who cares what term we call it, the fact is it’s a great addition to Google Apps for Education and your classroom experience.

My Google Classroom Journey will be illustrated in a linear fashion starting with domain admin setup.


At this point in setup general settings is limited to who can create a class

Three options

Anyone in the domain:

Leaves Classroom available for any user (student or teacher) in your domain. Unless your school/district is super progressive and not worried about students having their own private space, I’d advice not to do this.

All pending and verified teachers:

If you don’t change the setting, anyone who identifies as a teacher can use the teacher functions in Classroom, even if they aren’t verified. This feature is the default setting but seems to be similar to the first option.

Verified teachers only: (Recommended)

Adding teachers or groups to the classroom.google.com/teacher-group in admin console will give your school/district complete control on who can create and manage a Google Classroom.

At this point this is all you need to do for management for the Classroom app. As simple as it sounds, there has been a tremendous amount of questions on the subject within my PLN communities. If you have further questions on the this subject the following Google + communities are great resources to ask questions or to share experiences.