Google Classroom: Enrolling Students

Manually Enrollment (by Teacher)


  • Click Students section
  • Press Invite button
  • Change to All contacts and search for your students
  • Check the student and press Invite Students button
Note: if you do not see your students, a quick trick is to share 1 Google Doc with all your students. Doing this will add your students as contacts.
When students visit Google Classroom they will be able to join.

Manually Enrollment (by Student)
  • Students visit the Google Classroom app or go to
  • Click the + button (top right)
  • Enter the class code
  • Press Join
Note: the class code can be found on the left side of your Stream or at the top of the Students section




After enrollment, students will have direct access to your classroom every time they visit Google Classroom. If your student is enrolled in other classes they will see other classes as well.