Google Classroom: Getting Creative with Announcements

When using Google Classroom announcements are one of premier features that the app has to offer. Even though the general purpose in it’s simplest terms “to announce” something to the class, this feature can and should be used in creative ways to maximize the classroom experience.
Announcements can be used in Google Classroom in various ways.
  • Announce an event
  • Start a discussion board
  • Daily or weekly blog
  • Provide students a safe and shared environment to communicate
  • Students can earn leadership roles to moderate weekly posts
  • Daily 5 (Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work)
  • Blended learning- insert a video clip and have students comment
  • Pose an idea with website references linked from Google Drive or websites and have students comment
  • Model digital citizenship/online safety (allow students to post/comment) then reflect on usage
  • Add a link to a “how to” demo video for planning purposes. Think about apps like Snagit Thinglink, eduCanon, or EDpuzzle that provide interactive abilities and assessment.
  • Poll your students to get immediate responses
  • Daily attendance
  • Be creative!

It’s very easy to start an announcement, all you need to do

  1. Is click on the announcementbutton.JPGbutton.
  2. Type in the text box of anything you’d like to share with your class.
Note: at this point you can only announce to the whole class not individuals
  1. You can add additional resources by clicking on the resource buttons.

1 Insert Files
Upload any file from your computer as a resource.
2 Insert Files Google Drive
Upload any file from your Google Drive as a resource.
3 YouTube Video
Insert a YouTube video (only) for students to watch.
4 Insert  Hyperlink
Insert a link to a website, video, sound, image resource.