Grading in Google Classroom

There are a few ways you can get to your assignments for grading and feedback, however I want to provide you clarity on what are the possibilities for teacher to student continuous feedback.

Depending on if your assignments are further down on your Stream you can either find it or you can click the 3lines.JPG on the top left and and access your assignments list.

Access Method 1: Find in the Stream

Access Method 2: Assignment Menu

Regardless of which method you choose grading feedback, and ongoing dialogue will stay the same.


1- Return
When selecting any of your assignments that you would like to return to the students (graded or not) this is the final step.


If you want the students to see their grade/feedback, you have to return.
If you want to just grade for record keeping you do not need to return.
2- Grade
Column where you enter in the grade for student assignments.
3- Grade Point Value
Choose from a list of standard grades, leave it an ungraded assignment or you can manually enter in a point value total.
4- Google Drive Folder
This button opens up the Google Drive folder where all the student submitted assignments reside.
5- Download Grades
If you want to save grades in a spreadsheet format or share them, downloading the grades will allow you to create a csv spreadsheet file to save for your records.