Create an Interactive Book with Slides

Access the interactive book here.

As Google Classroom continues to update, I will re-edit and publish the Google Classroom book via Google Slides. Take note, you never have to accept the default purpose of any app. Take Google Slides for instance, if you open up this interactive book, I adjusted the following (page setup, background, and hyperlinked content to websites/slides, and embedded YouTube video). Really this is a different take on presenting but applying all the interactive tools you would find in an e-book.

Here are a few tips to get started, however you can access this book template from the Template Gallery here.

Page Setup (File, Page Setup)

Background (Right-click on the Slide and Choose Change background)
I created my own background in Adobe Illustrator, but you can use any free image or app.

Hyperlinked Text to pages and buttons (Highlight text or select an image and choose the hyperlink button)