Music Anywhere Everywhere

Having access to music has become easier every year. Most of us use common apps/websites some free (with ads) some subscription based (Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music). Over the past year I have found two apps that have transformed how I store my music and access it over various devices.

My top 2 sources are Google Play Music & Amazon Prime Music

Google Play Music has definitely been my go to player. It’s the only app that allows me to store all my music so I have access to it on any devices. Having the option to store up to 50,000 songs was a huge game changer. In addition to loading all your music and/or purchasing music through Google Play, you get additional options of listening to Pandora-like streaming music, making your own stations and playlists.

This has been my primary music player and I haven’t found a challenger yet that has changed my mind.

Google Play Music

Chrome Webstore


Amazon Prime Music was a surprise for me last year. It is almost equivalent to Google Play Music with exception of the following:

  • If I do not pay for Amazon Prime, I lose access
  • I cannot upload my music I own off my computer as a cloud storage player
  • I do have access to a huge library to add to my own personal music library
This is my go to for finding additional music that I can play streaming through wifi or downloading locally to listen to via my device. 



Google Play

Chrome Webstore