Create a Question in Classroom




You can use Create a Question in Google Classroom in various ways
  • Use as a discussion board: teacher asks question students respond and respond to each others
  • Share individual files (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings) have students read and respond
  • Provide instructions for students and used this as a way to discuss the instructions
  • Provide a blended learning experience where students watch a video and respond
  • Share a link to an outside resource, use this as an exit slip
  • Use a daily 5 center for reading or writing
  • Assessment: pre/post, quiz, or just to check for understanding
  • Pose a professional development discussion for your teaching team or school meeting




Title of Question: where you would pose the question to your classroom.
Description of Question: where would elaborate or provide additional instructions (optional).
Due Date: area where you can set the due date and time (this can be adjusted or turned off).
Resources: the ability to attach resources from your computer, Google Drive, YouTube, or a website.
Classrooms: select if you want to ask this question to only this classroom, a few, or all your classrooms.
Ask: pressing this button will post the question, but you can press the arrow and it will save as a draft.



Student View:










Teachers can check student answers, discussion threads, contribute with responding, and grade.
Students can (if turned on) can view and respond to classmates posts