Suggestive Editing in Docs: Writing Process

There are many options in Google Docs when it comes to collaboration, editing, and overall working. This post is primarily going to focus on teacher or peer editing.


One of the easiest ways to access student work for grading and feedback is using Google Classroom. Within Classroom, you have an efficient workflow of using Google Drive to access student work (especially papers written in docs). Using Classroom, students can turn in their work and as the teacher (or as a co-teacher) you can view all files.

We are not focusing on grading but on writing improvement, process, and guidance. 

When students finish any assignment writing practice and turn in their doc, as the teacher you have an easy way to access their work. Either by locating the number in the Done section of the assignment or from the assignment folder.


Regardless of how you access student work, here is where you can suggestive edit, comment, and constructively aide in students writing process. All you would need to do is return the assignment to the student once you’ve made your edits.