Showing the Math with Sketchpad and Snagit

I was posed with a question earlier today from a colleague of mine. The question was “how can a teacher create a video to show how to do a math problem?” This has been a question that several teachers have asked over the past few years. There is always an app or a way (usually more than one). 

I’m taking the approach of using two tools. The question is why would you use two when I can use one? Well for this post my answer is simple…

I want to demonstrate a method but also I want to demonstrate two tools that together or separate are simple but have so much depth to how you can use them in education.

Stated in the video there are many opportunities you can use with both tools, this post’s primary focus was math (teacher or student perspective). We can use our imaginations on how this method will best serve you and your schools (apps individually or together).  

 If you have an interest in either the Snagit extension or Sketchpad app, they are both located in the Chrome Web Store for free.