Efficient Outlines

Google Docs just added the feature of Document Outline in the Tools menu. This is a huge update for all users in and outside of the classroom. Think about the possibilities

  • Quick access to important areas in a document
  • Efficient way to redirect students to key points
  • Students can draw emphasis in their documents
  • Planning documents are more intuitive
  • Length of a document doesn’t matter
  • Outlines are easy
April being National Poetry Month my class example will focus on
  •  An efficient way to get different types of poetry directions in the hands of students.
  • Giving teachers an efficient way to view all students work easily
Document Setup:
  1. Create a doc.
  2. Each page has the a form of the poetry and directions.
  3. Add anything else to spruce up your assignment.
  4. Highlight the poetry form name and choose a heading.
  5. Done, now your document has a built in shortcut system via outline.
Sending the Assignment
  1. Create an assignment in Google Classroom
  2. Choose the Google Drive button and locate your template.
  3. Set the assignment to “Make a copy for each student”
  4. Assign
At this point each student gets an easy outline format of templates to view, learn, try. Students can easily navigate and when the assignment is turned in the teacher can easily navigate as well.
Note: will always prefer to view electronically and not print, however for teachers who want to print this method makes it very easy to print all poems at once without opening up multiple files.