Quality and Appropriate Google Image Search

Finding the best image online for any project, presentation, or assignment generally always resorts to finding an image through Google Images. However are we and our students practicing good digital citizenship methods? Are we teaching how to find quality imagery as well?  

When searching images online we have the ability to find Quality and Appropriate images by using the Search Tools button located on the very left of the menu bar. Within Search Tools we can filter out images through Size, Color, Type, Time, and Usage Rights. This post focuses on two of the five.
Size will provide anyone with the opportunity to locate images that are higher in resolution and overall quality and vice versa. When finding images for class projects I always teach students how to find the quality image. 
Usage Rights:
There are various sources students can use that are not copyrighted/licensed (Creative Commons, Public Domain Pictures, Free Images) however students generally gravitate towards a Google Image Search. Usage Rights is a good way to filter out appropriate images labeled for reuse. If students are going to use this tool, why not teach them to practice appropriate research.