Distributing Add-Ons in Admin Console

There has been little training and/or awareness that Google Apps for Education Admins can customize our organization (school, teacher, student…) experiences. I have trained and even posted about how to pre-install and pin apps/extensions through Chrome Management. This post specifically focuses on distributing add-ons.

Add-Ons– mini tools that advocate for teacher efficiency and student learning. These are found in Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.

As a Admin Console manager, you can easily enhance all or individual organization (group) experiences. Here are some steps and visuals on how to accomplish this for your school and/or district.

1 Login to https://admin.google.com


2 Locate Apps



3 Locate Marketplace Apps

Marketplace Browsed


4 Find the + button (top right).

5 Browse all the Marketplace Apps, through searching or viewing by category.

6 Click on the app, then press the Install App button.



7 You will receive a message to accept permission.  (view note below)



Lastly, you make the decision if your end users get notified (if setup).


Permissions is an interesting subject to talk about and this area is very powerful. Here you see what the app/add-on needs in order for it to work. Most will require the basics (view above image). Keep this in mind if you are in a K-8 district where most if not all students are under the age of 13 (COPPA).

Aside from privacy and permissions the customization concept comes into play. Here you can turn this on for any organization/sub organization for your school or district. If I want the EasyBib add-on to be auto installed for all users I do not need to change anything, however I can click on the drop down and select my sub organization to only install for students only.

Give this time, it is not immediate. I have pushed out an add-on that took a few minutes and others I have waited 24 hours.