Browser Memory A Terrible Thing to Waste

Life gets busy, especially when we are surfing online. Whether you are browsing in your personal or professional lives, tabbed browsing is hugely beneficial and a device memory curse. For those of us who rock a bunch a tabs on a daily basis, the extension The Great Suspender might be an awesome option for you!

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender


How It Works

After installing The Great Suspender, the extension will display a welcome and a link to the extension settings. Within the settings you have the ability to change how long it will take for an unused tab to suspend (stop using your computer’s memory). There are several check boxes as safeguards such as never suspend pinned tabs or never suspend tabs where you have been filling out an online form.

Another great option within settings is the Whitelist box. Here you can paste URL’s of websites that will never suspend regardless of how long the tab is unused.  There are several reasons for this however the common reason would to never suspend common websites you revisit often.



What to Expect?

After you have setup your duration of unused tabs and/or added URL’s to your whitelist section, press the save button. Now browse like normal and never worry about how many tabs you have open. Over time the tabs will auto-suspend (they will look washed out). When you want to revisit the tab click on it and click the screen. If you continually do this on a tab you can always add the website to your whitelist right off the screen.

Suspended Tabs Example