Response Options in Google Forms

Now we will take a look at what happens when anyone fills out a Google Form. There are generally 2 areas we will look at when viewing our data

  1. Responses section (View Data Label in my diagram)
  2. Spreadsheet


When clicking on this tab you will see the following screen.

Summary: will display charts/graphs and text areas of combined data (not individual).
Individual: will display individual submissions but will not display charts/graphs.
Accepting Responses: slider to turn form on or off at your convenience.
Green Icon: press only once when your form has been built and you want to view data in spreadsheet.
3 Dots: settings such as email notifications, change response destination, print all responses, delete responses…

Summary View

Summary View

Individual View

Individual View


Another way of reviewing your data is by spreadsheet. Once you click on the green spreadsheet icon (view Summary View image) you will be prompted with the following image. Commonly you will be selecting the Create a new spreadsheet option.

Sheet Prompt

Spreadsheet View

Response Sheet

At this point anytime a form has or will be submitted your data will automatically collect by row. Each area will

  • Have a timestamp
  • Data will have display under each column header

Note: Since this is a Google Sheet, you have the ability to manipulate the data through highlighting, charting, adding formulas, conditional formatting, data sorting, filtering, etc. Since this post specifically is about basics, this information will not be covered in a later post.

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