Podcast Learning: Classroom Listening

This week’s theme focuses on audio learning environments: Classroom Listening and Student Creation. The next few posts I will provide help on how to find quality podcasts (video or audio recordings on a subject generally done in a series) and how student can record audio for classroom projects.

Classroom Listening

There are several services you can use as a teacher to subscribe and listen to podcasts here is a short list of quality free resources you can use.







  • Search and listen to many video or audio podcasts
  • Follow podcasts to be up to date without having to search
  • Option to upload audio files to create your own classroom podcasts
  • Download audio files to play offline or post on Google Classroom

Google Play Music





Google Play Music / Podcasts 

  • Search and listen to many video or audio podcasts
  • Simple website with less features
  • No download feature to post to Classroom
  • Podcast Series can be shared
  • Possibly blocked for student logins

* Most likely you are already logged in if you have a Google account

Podcasts for Education

Even though all episodes have descriptions, I highly recommend screening prior to classroom listening.

Here is a short list of podcasts to try out

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids  PodBean   Google Play Music

The Show About Science  PodBean  Google Play Music

WeatherBrains PodBean  Google Play Music

Brains On! PodBean

TedTalks PodBean

Stuff You Should Know  PodBean   Google Play Music

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing PodBean

Surprisingly Awesome PodBean  Google Play Music

Storynory – Stories For Kids PodBean