Chromebook Efficiency and Transparency

This method focuses on how to easily customize student experiences with their Chromebooks as well as how teachers can monitor and enhance instruction through Google Classroom.

Student Efficiency with Pinning Apps

The bottom bar on a Chromebook is called the shelf. By default there are a few apps that are already pinned, however you can have your students pin certain apps so that they will always be accessible. You can also have them remove certain apps that are not needed.

To Pin an App:

  1. Click on the Launcher button
  2. Search for the app
  3. Right-click (2 finger touch) on the app, and choose pin to shelf



Student Transparency Working in Google Classroom

One of the great aspects of using Google Classroom is the idea of transparency. When students are working on assignments or questions their work is always displayed. This is approach keeps students accountable and responsible for their work. Any educator can review, guide, and contribute towards students success.

From you computer or phone, you or your co-teacher(s) have the ability to view student progress just by clicking on the assignment and view who is done, not done, or the whole class (all). If students need continuous guidance, you can send private comments via Classroom or comments on their doc,sheet, slides, or drawing.

Classroom Assignment View