Fix this Please! When Accessibility Goes Wrong

We all have  experienced a time when a student brings you a Chromebooks that looks a bit funky. Here are a series of Chromebook problems (when accessibility features are turned on) and how to fix them.

Here is a short list of common learning distracting accessibility options (when not needed)

  • ChromeVox (Spoken Feedback): anything you mouse over the Chromebook will dictate
  • High Contrast Mode (colors are inverted): the screen will look like a negative image
  • Screen Magnifier: screen will be magnified, moving the cursor will will navigate to different sections
  • Large Mouse Cursor: mouse cursor is very big


All of these tools can be turned off from the status area (bottom right side). Seeing a hand icon in this area is a good indicator that  accessibility features are turned on.

  1. Click on the hand
  2. Click Accessibility from the menu
  3. Uncheck the tool that is turned on.

Note: for the large mouse tool, you will have to the same steps but press settings… and then uncheck this option.