Cast for Education

After Google for Education’s announcement this week of several tools to be implemented my mind is just racing with excitement. First off, Google Expeditions app is graduating from beta stage and its availability to the public. Second, Google Forms gets it long awaited grading component making it extremely easy for teachers to provide assessments.

What I’m focusing is Google Cast for Education – Chrome Web Store

Even though we can access the app, it appears it’s not exactly ready yet, however watching the video Google released it looks like our classrooms, schools, professional developments, conferences, etc. will never be the same.

With Cast for Education collaboration and overall learning direction(s) should be very positive and engaging. I’m extremely excited to see this app in action and definitely will be pushing it to it’s limits on implementations within and outside the classroom.  The past few days I’ve tested this out, however in order for you to try this you need Chrome to be in version 52 or above. Most likely, you will have to either download Google Chrome Beta and/or put your Chromebook in a developer channel. Most of this is unnecessary, Chrome will inevitably update to the version we need.

Based off of my practice with the process, you need the following tools

Teacher set up their Google Cast for Education app with their own channel and students use the Google Cast extension to connect up with the teacher. Currently, I’m still playing around with this and it’s really great but I’m guessing the methodology will grow to in it’s simplicity and efficiency.