4 Things to KEEP in Mind

It doesn’t come as a surprise the usage and existence of many digital note-taking applications on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Each year all users (educators, students, etc.) take notes in various and efficient/non efficient ways.

Digitally we take pictures, videos, stream events, type notes, share links, and on we go! Instead of using the word “app” I’m going to say “tool”…. so the one tool I highly recommend is Google Keep. Now, I’ve been following, using, and posting about this tool for years, today I’m focusing on “4 things to keep in mind”.

  1. Labels

  2. Multimedia documents

  3. Integration with Google Docs

  4. Full collaboration with sharing.




Taking notes on the fly and often is great but trying to figure out where, when, and searching can make find your info difficult and inefficient. This is where labels comes in. When taking notes (standards, to do lists, reminders, important information, research…) click on the 3 dots and add a label or multiple labels. Here you are creating a simple dashboard of notes that your can easily access from the Labels menu.


Multimedia Documents


This is a screenshot from my phone displaying several images I took from a fantastic local library. Instead of only writing notes, I took a few photos and using the drawing tool I made some scripted notes. Of course additionally typed a few notes, however when I shared this with colleagues the overall note tells the whole story.

Integration with Google Docs

DocsWithKeep-blog_1AOeZhJ (1)

The above animation comes directly from the Official Google Blog. In late February G Suite released the ability to integrate Keep within Google Docs. In Docs, pressing Tools you will see Google Keep as an option.

Here you can:

  • Access research notes
  • Type side notes separate from your doc
  • Easily insert text or multimedia notes (drag and drop)
  • Easily add information from your Google Doc to Google Keep
  • Share notes within Shared Google Docs to enhance collaboration.
  • Much much more!

Full Collaboration with Sharing


Your notes do not have to be kept to yourself. Any Google Keep note has the capability to be shared. This allows you to real-time collaborate on note-taking, creating lists, or document. This is especially awesome when sharing a note with a partner, colleague, or anyone for planning within a Google Doc. Google is very clear collaboration is essential within G Suite, Keep doesn’t disappoint and only provides numerous essential opportunities for anyone.