Schedule with Meet

As the world evolves with video and chat communication within and outside of the school systems, we need to take note of name and tool changes currently happening. Just an FYI, Google Hangouts for video broadcasting/conferencing is changing. The app we know and love is growing and changing via name and implementation.

Welcome to Google Meet

Google Meet is simply a scheduled meeting space similar to apps such as GoToMeeting, Webex, and JoinMe however however is built on the G Suite platform to make it easy to connect with your colleagues.

How to Connect (Option 1): Start a New Meeting

  1. Visit
  2. Click on + Start a new meeting
  3. Copy the short url code for the meeting.
  4. Email/chat/post it out to those who you want to connect with.
  5. Everyone joins and you meet virtually (wherever, whenever).
  6. If anyone leaves, they can rejoin with the meeting code.

How to Schedule: (Option 2): Calendar Invite

  1. Visit Google Calendar
  2. Create an event (present or future)
  3. There is an area stating Joining info add a video meeting
  4. Click it
  5. Under Guests, invite all who you want to schedule a meeting with.
  6. Your guests will get an invite via calendar or see an event when they visit
  7. At this point, all who are joining the meeting will have a schedule and easy way to connect.

To Note:

  • With Google Meet, you can use all the stock features in a Hangout videos: see all participants, mute audio/video, share screen.
  • Google Meet isn’t available to schedule a meeting (you can join) with not GSuite for Education or Business