Creative Communication with Flipgrid

There are several resources available for educators in 2017, however this post will focus on a relatively new resource called Flipgrid. Flipgrid provides versatile opportunities for schools (educators, admins, students, etc) to provide video

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Discussions
  • Speeches
  • Differentiation
  • Explanation
  • Fun

Account  Options: Flipgrid One is a free account with some limitations, however provides the classroom enough to get started and use for many classroom implementations. Flipgrid Classroom: unlimited grids full of options. One area I would like to take note of is that there is no need for student accounts and student join via a link without having to provide personal information.

Getting Started

Flipgrid has a lot of getting started support on their website including teacher and student guides as well as getting started tutorial that goes in depth with the product.  Below you will see my initial getting started video that is relatively short and includes how to send out your Flipgrid via Google Classroom and coming soon a recap demonstration on a finished product.