How to Live Stream with YouTube

Streaming is not an uncommon idea for most people. Almost every common social media app has the ability to stream (ie Facebook Stream, Twitter Periscope), however in the education sector social media streaming services feel a bit iffy. Most technology and admins are not sure if about what is the appropriate method or does this feel right to do. That being said, when YouTube  turned Google Hangouts On Air into YouTube Event Streaming, I feel comfortable using this method for streaming events for several reasons

  • Easy of use to setup
  • Can setup to broadcast (date/time)
  • The ability to setup permission level streaming (Public, Unlisted, Private)
  • Making commenting available or optional

Why would you consider live streaming?

  • Families/audience who are unable to attend the event
  • Do not have the space for your event
  • Capturing the moment for the future
  • Documentation of an important event
  • Professional development streamed to a larger audience